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An Interview with Sandra Hill

Who is your favorite fictional couple?

Alexander and Tatiana from the Bronze Horseman series, or Jamie and Claire from Outlander

What three qualities does an irresistible love interest have to have?

Loyalty, sense of humor, an irresistible chemistry of attraction

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Just do it.  Like that saying attributed to Nora Roberts, “You can always fix a bad page.  You can’t fix a blank page.”  Also, I wish I had started writing novels earlier.  I’ve always been a writer, but I probably stayed with journalism longer than I should have.

If you could escape into one of the worlds you’ve created in your books, what character would you become and why?

There’s something to be said for all of them…Vangels, Cajuns, Outer Banks folks, Creole Louisiana, but I think I’d like to know some of the Viking Navy SEALs.  They’re outrageously sexy, and brave, and they know how to laugh at themselves.

How do you treat yourself? 

A good book.  Really.  There is nothing better than discovering a new-to-me author and glomming that author’s backlist.

What’s next for you? Are you working on a new project? If so, can you give us a teaser and/or an expected release date?

I just finished the second of my Tante Lulu Cajun prequels, Lulu’s Recipe For Cajun Sass.  And now I’ve returned to my Viking Navy SEALs series with The Caged Viking (or Viking in a Cage, not sure yet).  This book should have been done long ago, but what started as a long novella has gotten longer and longer so that it will end up at least a short novel.  
After that, I’d like to do a long Christmas novella in the Vangel series, though who knows how long it will be with my current record. This would be a reunion of the original vangels, plus some new characters.  My working title for this book is Vangels We Have Heard on High or Hark the Herald Vangels Sing.  I’m not happy with either of those.  Any suggestions?

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