Create A Spring Bucket List

If the surplus of daylight, warmer weather, and budding flowers make you feel like it’s time to break out of hibernation, you’re not alone. We’re feeling the spring weather right now, and it has us bursting to get outside and soak in the sun. 

If you’re like us and don’t want to miss a moment of what Spring offers, check out our list of Spring’s must-dos. We’re adding to it all the time!

Dine Al Fresco

Whether you’re in the mood to pack a picnic, step off the beaten path, or lounge on your favorite restaurant’s patio, there’s something special about dining outdoors. If you’re lucky enough, you may even be able to sneak outside for lunch on an ordinary weekday. Those simple treats are often the best!

Feed the Animals

You’re not the only one who enjoys a good meal. So grab some healthy duck food, like frozen peas, shredded lettuce, or oats, and head to a local pond to offer the ducks a snack. Alternatively, you can set up a bird or squirrel feeder in your yard to enjoy the local wildlife from home. 

Fly a Kite

Take advantage of those warm spring breezes and relive your youth by flying a kite. Kites can be as inexpensive or as fancy as you wish, and flying a kite means having fun while getting some exercise, working on your hand-eye coordination, and soaking up some vitamin D!

Plant a Garden 

Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Give yourself the same gift and start a small garden. Your gardening endeavors don’t have to be giant projects. You can start with just seeds and a pot. 

A study found a correlation between digging in a garden and your mental health. Gardening can reduce depression and anxiety and improve your life satisfaction and quality of life. 

Take a Hike

Find a new trail and set off on a new adventure. Hiking provides excellent exercise while allowing you to immerse yourself in nature. Taking the time to walk the trails will enable you to discover new plants and flowers, surround yourself with trees and wildlife, and breathe the freshest air. 

Hiking is known to improve your mood, balance, and overall physical health!

Read and Relax

You don’t have to engage in a heart-pumping activity to enjoy Spring! Some of your most joyful and springiest moments can just involve relaxing outside with a good book. So pull up a comfy seat, grab your latest Bubbles and Books novel, and take a moment to enjoy the changing seasons. 

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