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Beyond Bubbles: This Season’s Cozy Gifts

Calling all magic-makers! Sure, you can spend your days leading up to the holidays driving around in circles looking for parking spaces, waiting in long lines at department stores, and scouring the sizing racks to finally find the one that fits, or you can shop online.* Of course, now we always hit the Bubbles and Books gift collections first, but sometimes we need other ideas!

This year, we’ve been on the hunt for all things cozy. It just seems like everything is better when you’re feeling comfy. Especially as the weather turns chilly! So this year, we’re shopping for snuggly gifts while we’re nestled into our couches. So join us as we flip on a Hallmark movie, sit down with a steaming cup of cocoa, and send holiday greetings to everyone we love. 

Shopping for the women in our lives

It turns out that most of the women we surround ourselves with need the same things we are: a reminder to relax. So we’ve upped the relaxation motivation with these fun gift ideas!

  1. Conair Foot Pedicure Spa: Our feet take a beating and let’s face it, we don’t always have the time (or the extra cash) for a full pedicure. This at-home spa hits all the right buttons – and those buttons can be pressed with your feet! Featuring vibration massage and an extra-deep basin, this may be on our personal list as well.
  2. Cozy Bliss Striped Blanket: This is pure blanket perfection. Non-shedding, super soft, and animal friendly (that fur is faux!), this blanket is made for some sofa snuggling. Anti-static, ridiculously plush, and double-layered, this is the blanket of our dreams.
  3. Soft Touch Linen Kimono Waffle Robe: As bath lovers, we feel like we’re also bathrobe connoisseurs, by necessity. So we’re pretty confident in this bathrobe recommendation. Light, absorbent, soft, and slim-fitting while still big enough to wrap securely, this one checks all of the boxes!
  4. Mellanni Sheet Set: If you haven’t heard of these sheets yet, you are in for a treat. The Mellanni Sheet set has over 250,000 reviews and boasts 4.5 stars. They’re that good. These sheets are soft, breathable, and cost about $35. A solid investment.
  5. Capri Blue Volcano Candle: Candles are a bold recommendation, with so many choices and scents available, but this is genuinely one of the very best. Boasting a light, citrus scent, this long-burning candle will scent your whole house quickly while not being overpowering or cloying. 

Shopping for the men in our lives

Men need cozy gifts too! Even the manliest of men enjoy being pampered every now and again. These gift ensure that the men in our lives know how much we appreciate their hard work – with a chance to relax!

  1. Izod Men’s Moccasin Slippers: Classic style meets modern memory foam in these sleek moccasin slippers offered in various colors. Warm enough to de-ice the coldest of feet, these snuggly slippers also offer an outdoor-worthy rubber sole. Perfect for grabbing the mail on a chilly day. 
  2.  Jack Black Skin Saviors Set: Men’s skin needs pampering too! This set features everything the man in your life needs to keep their face in tip-top shape. This kit offers a daily cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, and lip balm without overpowering scents or fussiness. 
  3. HoMedics 3D Massager: Regardless of what a “long day” looks like for your man, this is the antidote he needs. Combining heat and vibration, this lightweight massager targets tight muscles in the upper back, neck, and shoulder area. You may want to gift this one to a man who’s happy to share!
  4. Bluetooth Headphones and Sleep Mask: Is there anything more impactful than the gift of a good night’s sleep? This all-in-one sleeping mask blocks out excess light while comfortably piping in soothing music, podcasts, or sleep stories. Best of all: the electric portion is entirely removable to make it machine-washable.
  5. Vobaga Electric Beverage Warmer: It’s incredible how hot and cold coffee and tea are excellent, but lukewarm is gross. This electric beverage warmer ensures that your man will never be subjected to lukewarm drinks again! With multiple heat settings and an automatic shut-off timer, this warmer provides the perfect cup every time.

Shopping cozy gifts for kids

Kids have a fantastic appreciation for all things snuggly, and we have to admit, they’re onto something. These options will make the children in your life (and tweens and teens!) feel like you’re wrapping them in a warm hug.

  1. Comfy Jr. Wearable Blanket: This wearable blanket is a universal hit amongst kids who know the value of staying cozy. Whether your kiddo is gaming, crafting, reading, or camping, this blanket will keep them snuggly warm while still allowing them to use their arms! 
  2. Sherpa Non-Skid Slipper Socks: Slippers are great, but these non-skip sherpa socks bring comfy feet to the next level. Easily washed (no stinky feet here!) and securely fitting, these slipper socks solve any issues kids have with slippers, ensuring their feet stay toasty warm. 
  3. Warm Pals Lavender Scented Plush: These are going to be a big hit this year, as who doesn’t want a soothingly scented thermal stuffed animal? Just throw your friend into the microwave for 30-90 seconds and enjoy a snuggly warm animal. Offered in a variety of styles, but we’re admittedly partial to the hedgehog – so cute! 
  4. Butterfly Craze Lounger: This pillow lounger will brighten any playroom and will soon be a slumber party craze. These loungers can be stuffed with pillows, blankets, or even stuffed animals to create a super comfy option for sleeping or just relaxing. Easy to clean and with various styles, these loungers are easily folded up and stored when not in use or can act as storage themselves!
  5. Pecosso Light Up Gloves: We’re pretty sure just about anything is better when it lights up, and these gloves are no exception. Keep your little one’s fingers warm and make them hard to miss with these super fun light-up gloves. Dazzling enough to entertain even the most discerning children and teens, these gloves will definitely make spirits bright. 

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